There isn’t much to say about Interesting Blends, it is what it is.

Started in 2009, it originally focused on a mixture of music.

Over the years it's had a few different lives now it's settled onto this catch all of everything i'm interested in be it Dj'ing, Music, Films and Tech… and the aim is to complement http://www.thewalktowork.com blog and the music we feature over there.

It has never set out, and never will be, a resource where you will be able to find and download the newest music out there and there are plenty of other places to find that kind of action if it's what you want.

The posts have never been, and probably will never be that prolific, quality over quantity has always been my aim, but our sister blog http://www.thewalktowork.com is a daily blog focusing on great music, so please do check it out as well.

All the contributors to Interesting Blends do so out of sheer enjoyment. There is no intent to offend or undermine anyones ability to sell their art, so if you have something featured on this website that you would like removed please contact us using the form below and we will remove it, no questions asked.